Digital Republic is a FINTECH company that invests, & develops different financial & technological solutions for the future.
Making the world better is possible, when you are determined to work based on values and principles, with a vision of the Future; and the future can only be conceived in prosperity, opening open roads through which to travel and generating bridges to unite, build and go further. We are proud of our company and of being able to work with transparency and honesty with each of our clients, investors, partners and all the parties involved in doing business with us.
First of all we seek Innovation, striving to solve real world problems and generating technological financial and social solutions through the power of ideas and knowing what new technologies can offer to transform problems into opportunities.
To achieve our goals we have a rapidly growing team. We have knowledge and experience in the world of finance, technology and commerce. Within Knowledge & Expertise we can count as an added value that our team of traders has a different model to implement risk management. This model is truly unique. In addition, our business strategies are totally different, adding value to our team and our products / services
With the aim of offering various financial and technological solutions, in different categories of entities: public, private and institutional.
Investments or purchases of companies. Development or investment in third-party projects. Trading plans using a variety of assets including: stocks, indices, metals and cryptocurrencies.
Support and advice to companies with growth needs and commercial alliances that allow them greater competitiveness in the market




Our platform that allows digital payment transactions, transfers, currency exchanges, and access to cryptocurrencies in real time, worldwide.
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Trading platform, Forex and Cryptocurrency broker
FxBitCapital offers innovative trading software and tools to make it easier for all users and institutional clients to manage Forex and Derivatives trading online, as well as the use and exchange of cryptocurrencies.
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Outdoor Adventure Activities App
TO-DO APP It is an application dedicated to entertainment, adventure and sport. By simply tapping an icon from the phone or accessing the web, our users will have in their hands all the options offered by the chosen city to spend their free time.
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Digital Republic is legally incorporated in the United States of America, where we have physical offices locally.

You can have confidence investing with us because: we apply experien- ce, honesty, knowledge and transparency in everything we do. We main- tain direct contact with our customer service team who are real people with realistic goals and a tangible roadmap in our vision as a company with professional processes and legally guaranteed.

What sets us apart are our experienced teams of professionals in each field of work, an innovative technological development that allows us to develop automated, transparent and accessible digital processes for the peace of mind of our customers, as well as the wide benefits and profits they can gain from working with our business holding company.



Developers: Our large team of developers has extensive experience in creating and innovating financial technology through the integration of platforms, applications and average marketing for the total momentum of the projects, executing from start to finish.


Legal Contract: Our team of legal advisors is very well represented, has extensive experience and knowledge in commercial law and are the ones who manage the contracts we employ to assure our investors and clients the guarantee of processes and safe operation.

Digital Republic Corp. Team and Advisors are professionals with highly valuable experience in the area of Finance and Technology, Blockchain, Investments, Public Relations, and entrepreneurship.
Advisors have previously served in the following organizations: CITIBank, DelMonte, Bursametrica,
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